Our Print Management Process
From the determination of customer needs to after-sales services, we continue all our business processes with the understanding of "print management", and we offer services at the speed and quality that will meet the expectations of today's business world.

Stages of the “Print Management Process”:

1) Prepress
a. Analyzing the needs by communicating with the customer face to face
b. Proposing solutions with high added value suitable for this need
c. Planning an economical, effective and fast solution package
d. Providing technical product consultancy when necessary
e. Submitting an offer
f. Starting the order process after approval
g. Preparation of graphic works before printing
h. Submission of the sketch for approval
I. Planning the production and giving the deadline to the customer.

2) Print
a. Execution of production and quality control processes.

3) After Printing
a. Delivery of the product to the customer at the desired place and time
b. Confirmation of customer satisfaction
c. Archiving the submitted job
d. Maintaining communication for the customer's new needs

The advantages we offer to our customers in our "Print Management Process":

We offer service without discrimination of customers
It is one of our basic principles to provide service to customers of all sizes under favorable terms. The scale of customers or the volume of business never affect service quality.

We work with the principle of 'Zero Defects'
Effective quality management is implemented at every stage of the service process. Its purpose is to meet customer needs with 'zero defect'