Founded in 1995, our company has been producing for more than 21 years and has been serving in line with its targets since its inception. Demirkol Printing; As a printing company that closely follows the technology as required by the sector, converts its earnings into investments and renews its targets continuously, it is on the way to becoming a leader in baskı offset printing..

Demirkol Printing is not only a printing house with its technology, staff and perfect service understanding; is also a solution partner. In line with this mission, we listen to the expectations of our customers that we have been walking with for years, produce solutions for them, and renew ourselves as the expectations differ.

Our company offers services with the latest technology equipment that can meet all the demands of the market; without compromising quality, business ethics always in the foreground, employer-employee and customer satisfaction has aimed to collect a common denominator and has achieved so far.

Demirkol Printing, walking with confident steps towards this success, trust and stability; will be pleased to be your solution partner and will continue to grow with you…

In 2010, upon the demand to provide services in the internet sector “THOUSAND HUNDRED EIGHT-EARLY MAN Informatics Media Advertising and Consulting Services Ltd. Ltd. Şti. In this way, our customers can solve all their needs from business card to website, brochure and Facebook page applications through a single channel.